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What is an Elopement? | Weddings vs Elopements Explained!!

Salt Flats, Utah Elopement

A traditional wedding…

Here in the South a big, traditional wedding is typically expected. Your dream dress, 10+ bridesmaids and groomsmen, flowers in every corner and on every table, huge guest list which includes anyone you or your parents have ever known or worked with, the perfect venue, great food, and awesome music. Your big day is filled with so much joy and fun, dancing the night away with your loved ones, as well as meeting and greeting all your guests. So much fun and excitement that you are absolutely exhausted at the end of the night.


Now more than ever people are opting to elope over the traditional wedding…Why’s that? Well, the biggest thing is elopement DOESN’T mean running away to marry or deciding on a whim to marry someone like back in our parents/grandparents day. Today’s elopements actually have as much thought put into them as a full wedding would, AND elopements can be as unique as your relationship!

So what is an elopement??

Well an elopement can be a number of things..

-a ceremony just you, the officiant, and photographer

-a ceremony with closest friends and family

-a ceremony then a reception on a later date.. honestly the options are endless!

Where can an elopement be??

That is the best part... it can be ANYWHERE you want it to be!!

-the courthouse

-your parents backyard

-a cliff overlook

-a destination

-an adventure... literally anywhere that makes you happy!

**BONUS info**

Why do couples choose elopements over having big weddings?

  1. Financial reasons. Think about allllllllll the money that goes into a huge wedding day, to include::rehearsal dinner, bridesmaid brunches, all the other events prior to a wedding versus an intimate day with the one you love. You can also spend more on the things you do want to include into your day —like a photographer, HERE!

  2. The real focus. What is the day really about? Is it about the place settings, food, band, what color the bridesmaids wear?? NO….The marriage is about you, the couple becoming one. A wedding is a celebration which can be overwhelming and stressful. Why not simplify it and bring back to what it is all about.

  3. Family drama and avoiding that extra stress.

  4. You’re not very religious or you and your partner are from different cultural’s. This is a great reason to avoid any added pressure or expectations family may have for your big day.

  5. You’re more of a private couple. 250+ people looking at you while you wait for your bride or while you walk down the aisle is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is a perfect way to avoid all of the big flashy traditional aspects of a wedding day.

  6. and finally LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION!! The world is your oyster! Ever dreamed of visiting somewhere or have a place that means the world to you.. that is the perfect location for your elopement!

So tell me where in the world would you want get married or eloped if you could?!

**My husband and I were married in a very old beautiful church with an AMAZING reception downtown... (In fact, we still hold the highest bar tab at the venue for a wedding, even after seven years—ha!) BUT if we were getting married today, we would definitely plan an adventure elopement to Salt Flats, Utah, and invite our closest friends and family along! All the pictures in this blog are mine from an elopement at the Salt Flats in Utah- DREAMY,RIGHT?!?!

Ready to Plan your Dream Elopement??

Contact me today and let's get it started!!


The vendors who helped create this amazing day::

Photography: Love Always, Memories Photography , @lovealwaysmemoriesphoto

Florals: @thefoxyflora

Planning: @_indieandivory

Rentals: @allouteventrentals

Gowns: AvaLaurenneBride , @avalaurennebride

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